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  November: Topaz  
  Cool topaz has the power of healing and preserving one's sanity. The stone is associated with life and strength of body and mind. It was once thought that the wearer would become invisible when danger was near.       
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Precious opal is unique among gemstones, because it exhibits a rainbow of many different colours on a background ranging from translucent white to the rare deep black. While common opal usually can be white to different shades of gray and black, it may also occur in blue and pink as seen in Peruvian opal. Common opal usually does not show any play of colour. Precious opal with play of colour is much rarer and is found in fewer places than common opal. The best known localities for precious opal have long been Australia, although, among others, Mexico, several states in the west of the USA and Slovakia have yielded precious opal over the years. Only recently a new locality for precious opal has been found in Ethiopia.


Australian Fire Opal

In the past, non-play of colour orange to red “fire opal” was best known from its sources in Mexico. While Australian opal varieties such as black opal, white, opal, and crystal opal are from sedimentary deposits, fire opal is from volcanic deposits. While lower grade material is cloudy and dull in appearance, the finer quality is translucent to transparent. Most are faceted with some cut into cabochons. The finest are transparent and a rich bright red colour and can reach $500 per carat. The orange colour range is still quite beautiful but does sell for prices below the red.







Morganite in stock

Due to increased demand for this soft pink stone, we have cut morganite just in time for Christmas. A member of the Beryl family, our Morganite is from Brazil.  Morganite is also known as Pink Emerald.

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