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  The instant popularity of this transparent blue to violet to purple gem is tied to its vivid colour, high clarity, and potential to cut large stones.      
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The pantone colour for 2015 is Marsala which is a an earthy, reddish-brown colour. 

Shop for something unusual   Morganite is HOT right now!

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Its hardness, luster, clarity, and brilliance coupled with a myriad of beautiful pink hues, makes Morganite immensely suitable as a jewellery gemstone..  Click Here 


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What the heck is a padparadscha sapphire?

Unlike ruby and blue sapphire, padparadscha cannot be separated from other varieties of corundum by chemical analysis or any other scientific test. Padparadscha is not a type or variety of sapphire, it is simply a colour. So, what color is it? Most experts definition is that the colour range should be limited to light to medium tones of pinkish orange to orange-pink hues…



Gemfields Ruby acutions

Gemfields captured the most of the available mines starting form emerald and followed by amethyst and ruby, they are auctioning all these when market is on boom. Aims of these auctions are to bring the buyers on same bench, open the prices for all, selling of all available goods in good prices.  After monopolizing the market, Gemfields invite all the buyers from different countries to for bidding. 









Morganite in stock

Due to increased demand for this pink stone, we have cut morganite just in time for Christmas. A member of the Beryl family, our Morganite is from Brazil.  Morganite is also known as Pink Emerald.  Morganite can either have pink or salmon overtones.  Our Morganite is a very pale pink.

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