How can I contact you?
Click on the Contact Us button in the main menu bar
What countries do you ship to?
We only ship to South Africa at present. For International shipping, please contact us on
Is there a standard procedure for the way Touchstone describes gem clarity
Below are the definitions Touchstone uses to describe Gem clarity: Clean – Gems that are free from inclusions. Eye Clean – Gems that are clean to the naked eye. Crystal Transparent – These gems are transparent and have excellent brilliance. They might have some minor inclusions, common to that particular gem type, but these do not deter from the rarity and beauty of the gem. The word “crystal” is commonly used in all major global gemstone sources. VSI (very slight inclusions) - While these gems have some small inclusions, they will not diminish the brilliance and beauty of the gem when set. SI (slight inclusions) - These gems have some inclusions visible to the naked eye but not to the extent of affecting the brilliance of the gem. Included/PK (Pique) - These gems have some larger and/or many minor inclusions that somewhat diminish the brilliance of the gem.
Is there a standard practice Touchstone uses to describes gem colour
Gem colour is described according to the intensity of the colour when viewed under natural light. The adjectives; vivid, top, best and rich are used for describing gemstones with high colour intensity. Medium and nice are used for gemstones with intermediate colour intensity; while fine, bright and light are used for describing low colour intensity.
What currency do you use for pricing
Our base prices are in US Dollars, this being the international currency convention for the coloured gemstones and diamond industry. Our web site has a currency converter found on the home page so that all prices can be viewed in South African Rands.
How do I make payment for my order
Once you are finished shopping, simply follow the check out process. All online payments are secure and handled through Virtual Card Services. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Diners Club). In addition, please contact us to make payments via EFT. Pay Pal will be available in South Africa shortly.
Can I use Pay Pal to pay for my order
At present the answer is no, however we are in negotiations with First National Bank to add this service to our website.
How do I combine items into one order to save on shipping charges
All selected items are added to your shopping cart. Once you have checked out and made your payment, we automatically combine all items you’ve purchased into one order and ship to the address supplied by you during registration.
How do you ship purchases and is the shipment insured
We use the 24-72hour Speed Services countrywide delivery service through the South African Post Office for the majority of our shipping as we have found them to be reliable, guaranteed, efficient and traceable. Free insurance is provided on all parcels shipped from Touchstone Gems. Should the items be of a sufficiently high value, Touchstone may elect to ship the goods using Ram Hand to Hand couriers, or facilitate delivery to a jeweller of choice for a secure collection
How do I know that you received my payment
The time required for payment to be approved can be different depending on the method of payment used. All online credit card transactions take a few seconds to be approved and authorized. If you pay by EFT, we will email you notification of receipt of payment.
How do I return items for a refund
Visit the Returning Items section of the Touchstone website during your 15-day inspection period and follow the easy instructions
How do I track my refund
A refund is normally processed within 15 days after we have received your return items. If you still have not received your refund 3 weeks after you have shipped your return items, please contact our friendly Customer Support department at
Are your gemstones treated
Yes, some gem types require finishing before they are ready to be sold. As critical as good cutting and polishing, treatments have become an integral part of the modern gemstone industry. Go to the Buyers Guide on our website for clear answers to common treatment questions. If you need any further information on treatments, please email
I'm new to gemstones, does Touchstone have a buyers guide
Understanding the value of gems is essential to making a successful and rewarding purchase. Regardless of the gem variety you’re buying, there are a few constant rules to bear in mind when selecting your jewel. Go to the Buyers Guide and Gemipedia on our website for more information.
Do you provide gemological certificates for your gemstones
Given the stature of Touchstones in-house Gemological Department, Touchstone issues its own certification, guaranteeing all gems purchased on our industry leading website. Touchstone also offers, for total peace of mind, independent gemological certificates for all gemstones above 0.50cts. You have the option to purchase a Touchstone or independent certificate from the product details page. Please note: if you need a certificate for a gem, you must order the certificate at the time you place the order for the gem.