Our photographs are as accurate as we are able to make them. We strive to represent each gem as true to life as possible.  Some gemstones do react under different lighting situations and the limitations of our camera and technology can cause slight variations between the images you see on the screen and the gemstone in person. There are subtleties of light and colour in gems that can be so very hard to capture, however we do the very best we can. 

Our gemstones are photographed under X14 magnification.  This means that almost every detail of the gem can be seen in the photograph (or under a loupe) but not with the naked eye.

Another thing to remember is that different screens can show colours differently depending on the settings applied.  We recommend viewing our gemstones on your Android or Apple tdevice for best colour rendition.

Please feel free to request additional photography at any time.  We gurantee that our gems are more beautiful than what we can capture in a photograph.

For your piece of mind, we offer a full 30-day refund and return on all purchases (excl shipping and credit card fees) if you are not 100% happy as long as the stone has not been damaged or set.

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