Caring for your Opal


These are tiny micro cracks that form on an opal if it dries out too much.  Not all opals do this, but sometimes they do after many years of neglect.  Generally if an opal sits in a display case for several years and does not crack or haze, it is not likely to any time soon.  Hazing will also sometimes make an opal look cloudy or milky.  Hazing is most common in Mexican Opals and Virgin Valley Opals


This usually happens if an opal gets saturated in water, and then dries out too quickly.  it can also happen after a sharp impact with another hard object.

 Colour change:

If an opal is soaked in a liquid that has a lot of chemicals in it, the opal can absorb some of the chemicals, right along with the water.  For this reason, we recommend that you do not wear opal jewelry in the ocean, hot tubs, or while washing dishes, or any other activity that would risk prolonged exposure to impurities in the water. This is especially true for Ethiopian Opals, and less of a concern for Australian opals.
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