Green, Blue-Green


Feldspar, K(AlSi308)


6 - 6.50

Refractive Index

1.522 – 1.530

Specific Gravity 2.56 - 2.58


Crystal System


Enhancements May be enhanced
Major Sources

Namibia, Russia, India, Brazil, Madagascar, and USA

Warnings for Care Sensitive to knocks and intense heat

Amazonite Facts

A Potassium Feldspar of the microcline type. The name is derived from the Amazon (river), where a number of green stones are found however no actual deposit of Amazonite occurs in or near the Amazon river.

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Amazonite - What Causes the Colour
Purchasing Amazonite
Mineable Deposits
Amazonite - Common Treatments
Important & Famous Amazonite
Amazonite  - The Legend

Amazonite - What Causes the Colour

For many years, the source of Amazonite's color was a mystery. As many Copper compounds have similar colours it was thought that Copper was the causal agent. However recent studies show that in fact the  blue-green color results from minute quantities of lead and water in the feldspar crystal lattice.

Purchasing Amazonite

This opaque stone is found in a range of green to blue-green colours. Top quality examples are a bright green colour when polished

No particular lighting favors Amazonite, looking as good in natural as well as artificial light.

A fine quality Amazonite is opaque in all but the thinnest of cut examples, where a degree of translucency can be obtained.

The normal cut is a flat or en cabochon cut, with oval being the dominant shape of cabochon. It is also often cut into beads or carved for ornamental object.

Mineable Deposits

Amazonite is a mineral of limited worldwide occurrence, with initially deposits from Russia being the major producers.  Recently however, high-quality crystals have been obtained from a number of deposits in the American South West. Other localities of importance are in Madagascar  and Brazil.

Common Amazonite Treatments

The is no known enhancement method for Amazonite

Important & famous Amazonite

No records exist for important or famous Amazonite

Amazonite The Legend


Again no legend is known to exist or to surround Amazonite.

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