Gem Certification

Gemological Authenticity Certificates

Given the stature of Touchstone’s in-house Gemological Department, Touchstone issues its own certification, guaranteeing all gemstones purchased on our industry leading website.

Our Gemological Authenticity / Valuation Certificates can be requested when placing your order -  Information such as gem type, weight, size, shape, colour and clarity is included on the certificate.

If you require any further details on our certification, please contact our friendly customer support department at

Independent certification

For total piece of mind,  independent gemological certificates from EGL and GIA South Africa can be obtained at your own cost.


Please request an EGL Brochure with your purchase.  EGL have offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Tel:                        (021) 419 8828

Fax:                       (021) 425 8092

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