January’s birthstone

Colours Various



7.0 - 7.5

Refractive Index


Specific Gravity

3.60 - 3.68

Crystal System


Enhancements Not known to be enhanced
Major Sources

Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania

Warnings for Care Fracturing may occur with high - intense heat

Tsavorite Facts

Tsavorite is another relative debutante on the worlds gem scene, having only been discovery in 1967 in northeast Tanzania. A beautiful green grossular Garnet, enjoyed relative obscurity from the gems buyers  of the world until a nationwide marketing campaign undertaken by Tiffany & Co in 1974, raised the public's awareness, and put this gorgeous gem firmly on the map.

The then chairman of Tiffany & Co, coined the name Tsavorite in honour or the Tsavo National Park, in Kenya. Where in 1971, although not the first deposit to have been found, was the deposit that provided access to the world for this gem.

They are hard (7 to 7.5 on the Mohs' scale), practical, everyday gemstones, being durable and resistant to  wear and tear, and relatively easy  to work with in jewellery manufacturing.

Tsavorite being a  Garnet is the birthstone for month of January, and those born under the star signs of Capricorn and Aquarius

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Tsavorite- What Causes the Colour
Purchasing Tsavorite
Mineable Deposits
Tsavorite - Common Treatments
Important & Famous Tsavorite
Tsavorite - The Legend

Tsavorite - What Causes the Colour

Tsavorite is found  in a  range  of fabulous green colours,  from the most delicate of pastel "mint" green to an intensely saturated deep Emerald green. The causal agents for this  impressive colour range are trace amounts of Chromium or Vanadium, trapped within the crystal lattice of this Calcium Aluminium Silicate.

Purchasing Tsavorite

From the palest "mint" green colours to the most spectacular Emerald green colours, Tsavorite exhibits a range to please everyone. The most prized colour is a not too highly saturated Emerald Green,

Being a Garnet, Tsavorite is a stone that looks as good under natural light as it does under artificial light. Its high refractive index imbibed the stone with an intense lustre that sparkles day and night

Good gem examples will be eye clean, particularly in smaller sub two carat sizes. As large crystal and hence larger cut stones are difficult to come by, inclusions are acceptable in stones from the two carat and up size.

Tsavorites lend themselves to all type of cutting, and no modern or historical cut really takes preference as being better to bring out the stones full potential. Suffice to say that as with all gemstones rounds are the most common followed by ovals, squares, octagons and pears.

Mineable Deposits

Initially discovered in the northeast of Tanzania at Lemshuko in 1967, mineral exportation restrictions prevented this from initially becoming a viable deposit. Interest then moved to  a similar geological province in neighboring Kenya, where in 1971 significant deposits were found in the Tsavo National Park

While Tsavorite was once being mined in 40 different areas throughout Tanzania and Kenya, only four mining ventures are still in production today. Records show that more than 50 deposits have been found in Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar and even Zambia, but only a handful of small mines are viable, due to the inherent problems associated with the mining of this elusive and rare gem

Today’s major production is split between Kenya and Madagascar

Tsavorite - Common Treatments

No enhancement method for Tsavorite is currently known

Important & Famous Tsavorite

To young to be of historical interest this gemstone of those in the "know", has been found is some large and hence spectacularly rare sizes in recent years. In 2006 a 925-carat rough crystal,  was cut to produce a 325 carat gem quality oval, which is currently the largest Tsavorite in existence.

Tsavorite - The Legend

Tsavorite  is the birthstone for whose birthday falls in January, and for those born under he star signs of Capricorn and Aquarius.

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