Caring for your gemstone

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Here are a few basic guidelines to keep your gems looking vibrant and new:

Keep your jewelry pieces in separate paper, silk or velvet cases or separate compartments to prevent damage from scratching.  Because gemstones vary in durability and hardness, by doing this you will prolong their luster and sparkle.

Many gemstones fade or discolor when exposed to direct sunlight and major shifts in temperature.  Store your gemstones out of direct sunlight in a controlled temperature.

Gemstones can eventually work their way loose so always check your jewelry before you wear it.  It is wise to remove your jewelry if you participate in sport or other activities.  Beaded-type necklaces like pearls will need to be restrung every 2 years (or more frequently if they are worn every day).

Gemstones lose their luster when exposed to everyday chemicals like chlorine and soap.  Remove your jewelry when doing housecleaning, bathing and while swimming.  Certain cosmetics and perfumes can also damage your gems and make them dull, so make sure you put your jewelry on after your have finished applying these.




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